Finding the Money

From worldwide organizations to neighborhood and school programs, competition for funding has led to greater need for independent fundraising. The spectrum of raising money ideas is broad and diverse, ranging from simple, grass roots events to international media campaigns. Televised concerts may be seen round the world, soliciting donations in support of humanitarian and universal causes; a coin drive at an elementary school may help pay for playground equipment.

Large Scale

Organizations that were mostly or fully funded by government support in years past are looking for new sources of money to support medical research and programs for people in need. Many of the national organizations create fundraising campaigns with resources that can be utilized by local chapters, such as 5K runs, golf outings, luncheons, and bike tours. These types of events are very labor intensive and require many committed volunteers for advanced planning, event set up, and the manpower needs on the days of the events.


The mission or scope of the organization impacts which raising money ideas are suitable. Foundations, generally created to endow specific goals, will grant funding for pursuits that meet their criteria. Most organizations can locate appropriate foundations and application information through a thorough internet search.

Member Organized

Organizations with many active volunteers can plan and execute large, local fundraising functions, such as rummage sales and holiday gift fairs. These types of events require a great deal of planning, coordination and publicizing. Once again, manpower is a key element to making these events possible.

PTA’s and other neighborhood groups often employ raising money ideas with social components, such as kids’ carnivals or combination luncheon and card tournaments. Book fairs, local restaurant tasting nights, outdoor movie nights, and spirit merchandise sales can be annual events which, after the first couple of years, require less planning to achieve good results.

School and neighborhood clubs and teams often require that their members participate in fundraising activities to support travel, uniforms, equipment and other ongoing expenses. Candy and gift wrap sales are popular options for these organizations. Pretzel, water and bake sales are also big money makers for any club or team that draws spectators or viewers. With increases in e-commerce, there has also been a rise in online fundraising sales opportunities that are appropriate for student participation.

For organizations at all levels, fundraising events and activities are also great opportunities to educate and engage outsiders. Publicity generated for the fundraiser should also publicize the organization’s purpose and mission. Not only will the PR help achieve greater monetary success, it will enhance the group’s presence within the community.

Raising money ideas should be assessed with consideration of the goals of your organization, the reach your organization has within the community it is representing, and the capabilities to render the fundraiser a success. By identifying and properly executing the right raising money ideas, you can achieve your financial goals and more.


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