Finding the Best Workers Compensation Attorney in Collinsville IL

Getting hurt on the job is something that not many people can afford. However, accidents in the workplace happen more everyday. It’s often been said workers compensation that is typically offered through the employer does not have the employee’s best interest at heart. Instead, many times, a workers compensation attorney has to be hired. Below are tips to know when to call an attorney and how to find the best Workers Compensation Attorney Collinsville IL offers.

It only makes sense to call a workers compensation attorney. First of all, an increasing number of them offer a free consultation. There is no rule that requires a contract be signed after the consultation.  Attorneys are well-versed in timelines applicable to the injury. For instance, in the state of Illinois, employees only have forty-five days to notify their employers of their injury. Claims can be filed for a much longer period than that, but the initial report letting the employer know that an injury occurred must be done within the forty-five day time frame. This time frame does not include exposure to radiological elements. Exposure to radiological elements has a ninety day time frame in which to report. But, it’s rare the average Joe would be aware of this.

When the decision has been made to hire a workers compensation attorney, consider the following. First, make sure the attorney is experienced in workers compensation. Not only does the attorney need to be experienced in general workers compensation, but they especially need experience in the type of injury being litigated. Also, check out the attorney’s attitude and reputation. Word of mouth can be either a wonderful or devastating form of advertisement. The Illinois Workers Compensation Commission also keeps a list of Bar Associations that will make referrals to anyone who is searching for an attorney. The list can be viewed online.

When looking for the best Workers Compensation Attorney Collinsville IL offers, look no further than Business Name. Brunton attorneys are members of the bar in both Illinois and Missouri and are trial proven to take on the toughest competitor. They are both ready to prove that they are the most valuable Workers Compensation Attorney Collinsville IL offers.


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