Finding the Best Elk Grove Exterminator for Mice Problems

Mice enter homes in a variety of ways, and they can do more damage than you might think. In addition, their droppings can be hazardous to the health of the people that live in your home. Mice are able to make it inside through the smallest of openings and cracks. Because of the way their bodies are shaped, they can squirm and squeeze through places homeowners would not think of as issues. If you have gaps in pipes, sewer drains, windows, doors, pet doors, chimneys, or anywhere else, then you are at risk to have your home infested with these scurrying critters. If you suspect that you have a mice problem, you will want to get in touch with Elk Grove exterminators as quick as you possibly can to get the problem under control. Setting traps is fine, but it will not get rid of the problem. You need professionals that can ensure your home will be totally free of mice once the job is done.

The Presence of Mice Increases with Weather Changes

When the temperatures grow cool and the weather changes, rodents like mice seek a warm dry place to stay. Most of the time residential homes and barns are the best options. Once they infiltrate your home, they will not leave even if the weather warms up again. Mice infestation is a big problem because 6 mice can become as many as 60 mice in only a few months. Mice can start breeding at just a month old, and they can live for 6 months or more in good conditions. With the fast pace that they breed at, the infestation can become out of control before you are even aware that the problem exists. No one wants mice in their home, so it is essential to call an exterminator right away if you see droppings, or here scurrying in the walls and drawers of your home at night.

Why it is So Important to Rid Your Home of Mice

Mice can spread diseases, cause illness, have germs, and they are even carriers of rabies. In addition, they carry fleas and their fur and droppings can cause severe allergies and other upper respiratory issues. These are just some of the problems mice cause and are a few examples of why you need to make sure you take care of your mice problem as soon as possible.


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