Finding the Best 222972 Magazine Rack in Texas

Electronics manufacturers in Texas produce a large variety of products that make our lives easier. There are many parts that go into a single product, and during the manufacturing process there are several things that can go wrong. Electronic components are susceptible to hazards such as ESD.

If you are involved in the production of electronics, this is one thing that worry you nearly each time you are on the floor. It is necessary to buy products that will reduce the risk of ESD within your production environment. PCB magazine racks, if sufficiently designed, reduce the risk of ESD. It’s essential to partner with the

right magazine rack supplier. Following are some features of a quality magazine rack and how it protects circuit boards.


Magazine racks must begin with a sturdy framework. Since they are used to transport partially- and fully-assembled circuit boards, the support structure should be rigid and not cause unnecessary movements or vibrations. Some magazines come with standard or optional shock absorbers. These absorbs bumps and other floor imperfections as racks move between production stations.

Other Features

Whether you are looking for average equipment or the best 222972 magazine rack in Texas offers, a sturdy rack isn’t enough. Look for racks lined with materials that dissipate ESD, such as foam. Foam also helps circuit boards stay in place during transport. Card guides should also prevent ESD from reaching the boards.

Cornerstone Components is the leading choice for electronic components. Contact us if you are searching for components or even the best 222972 magazine rack in Texas stocks.


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