Find the Best New York Short-Term Rentals for Vacation

There are a lot of reasons why people flock to New York for vacation. The state is home to many of the country’s most prominent historical sites and monuments. It’s internationally-known as a center for culture and art. On top of that, it also has an unprecedented business reputation. It’s completely unlike any other place in the world.

A favorite trick among avid tourists is to look for New York short-term rentals, rather than a hotel, to provide less-expensive lodging that feels more like home. The following is a quick guide to selecting the best accommodations depending on the attractions you’d like to see.

The Historical Tourist

* National September 11 Memorial & Museum

* Statue of Liberty

* Cleopatra’s Needle

* United Nations Headquarters

Although much of New York has historical significance, many of the well-known attractions are located in Manhattan. If you’re hoping to continue the experience and reside in an older building near the attractions you’re most likely to visit, Turtle Hill and Sugar Hill are good neighborhoods within the borough. St. George, which is located in Staten Island, can also be a great choice and transit is as simple as using the free ferry service.

The Cultural Tourist

* Metropolitan Museum of Art

* Carnegie Hall

* Rockefeller Center

* Radio City Music Hall

Many of the areas that would interest a cultural tourist are also in Manhattan. Ideal neighborhoods to check for New York short-term rentals include Tribeca and Carnagie Hill, which are both located in the borough as well.

The Big-City Tourist

* Brooklyn Bridge

* Empire State Building

* Times Square

* Yankee Stadium

For those who are looking forward to experiencing a big-city adventure, much can be found in Manhattan again. Greenwich Village of Manhattan is a safe bet for lodging, and Brooklyn Heights is also a beautiful area. Either neighborhood is a quick cab ride from Yankee Stadium in The Bronx.

The Earthy Tourist

* Bronx Zoo

* Central Park

* New York Botanical Garden

An earthy tourist may prefer the vibe of Park Slope in Brooklyn or feel comfortable in Fieldston, which is in The Bronx.

Regardless of which places you hope to see, New York short-term rentals are convenient options for lodging. They’ll also deliver the comforts of home and a safe place to set up base while you explore the city. Many activities and attractions are in Manhattan, but because public transportation is so readily available, you can stay almost about anywhere and have a simple commute. It’s always a good idea to research an area for yourself before booking, just to be sure the current conditions are what you expect. You should also verify transit options and schedules to ensure your trip goes smoothly.


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