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by | Jun 18, 2018 | Dentists


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Implants are the modernized way to replace missing or failing teeth. They’re a permanent solution, which means you don’t have to remove them to sleep or eat. Along with such, they last a lot longer than bridges or dentures, which means fewer issues over time. Residents in Munster are likely wondering about prices and how to determine if implantation is right for them. The dental implant cost in Munster requires a lot of factors to be considered, but may still be the right choice for you.

The Estimated Costs

If you’re asking for estimates from a variety of specialists in your area (and you should), it’s essential that the quote you get includes all implantation options.

For example, the implant itself can cost over $2,000 while the abutment an crown costs a little over $2,000. If you require bone grafting, that can be up to $1,000, making the total cost about $5,000. The dentist may also charge for their time and for any anesthetic you use, which can drive the cost up more.

The Benefits

Most people focus primarily on the price of the work instead of the benefits they get. It’s essential that you weigh the pros of getting implants against the costs. For example, it does cost more than a bridge or denture, but these have a higher failure rate and need to be replaced every decade or so. Bridges also require the surrounding teeth to be shaved and altered, which can cause problems later in life.

Dentures are uncomfortable for many and sit on top of the jawbone, which means they can shift and alter your speech and ability to eat.

Dental implant cost isn’t just about how much it costs to put in your mouth, and there are other factors to consider. Visit EON Clinics in Munster to schedule a consultation today.

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