Find Out About Mail Delivery and Decorating Policies When Apartment Hunting

Moving into your first apartment is an exhilarating experience. Whether you are leasing Marquette student housing or looking to purchase an apartment, having your own place gives you the freedom to decorate and design things in a way that represents your personality. Living on your own also means that you must worry about things that you might not have thought about when you were living at home.

Something that you will want to be familiar with as soon as you move into Marquette student housing is the mail situation. Does your apartment have a communal mailbox where you go and get all the mail? Or is there a mail slot in your door? You should be familiar with how packages get delivered to your apartment. If packages are left outside of your building, you may want to set up a PO Box. PO boxes are a little bit more safe and secure.

Part of personalizing your new apartment is throwing on a fresh coat of paint. As a renter, you will want to get your landlord’s permission first. Another option could be applying removable wallpaper. This wallpaper has been designed to be easy to apply and easy to remove. Since it does not damage the paint or the walls, most landlords are okay with their tenants using it. If you don’t get your landlord’s permission, you may not get your security deposit back.

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