Financial Help For Breast Cancer Patients Can Improve Quality of Life

Receiving a breast cancer diagnosis is one of the most devastating things that can happen to any woman. Uncertainty, fear, and worry accompany this diagnosis, regardless of the history, prior health, and circumstance of the person who receives such a dire diagnosis. There are a million concerns that you may have, finances being one of them. Here are just a few examples of how financial help for breast cancer patients can improve quality of life.

Body Image

Being a woman is hard enough – there are a million beauty “standards” that are imposed on you on a daily basis. Dealing with breast cancer can often mean facing a variety of procedures, surgeries and treatments that may impact how you feel about your body. Some treatments may cause you to gain weight, while others can result in drastic weight loss. You may be faced with a mastectomy, which carries with it an additional load of emotional issues. Receiving financial assistance during this difficult time can help you obtain the resources you need to feel better about yourself in whatever way you deem is best for you.


Certain cancer treatments can have lasting effects on your fertility. Depending on your age, and your aspirations for the future, you may wish to preserve your eggs or investigate other treatments that can help you have children. Obtaining financial help can help you afford these expensive techniques, and can keep our faith in the future.

Pain Management

For many cancer patients, dealing with pain is the worst aspect of the entire diagnosis. Unfortunately, each type of cancer brings with it a varying degree of pain. Receiving financial assistance to help offset the cost of a number of pain management techniques can go a long way in preserving your quality of life as you face this incredibly difficult time. For more information, visit Fifth Season Financial.


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