Filing Personal Injury Claims In Everett, MA For A Dog Attack

In Massachusetts, pet owners must maintain full control over their dogs at all times. This includes managing their dogs when traveling. These measures can ensure no one is injured when or if they must enter the property. This includes the exterior as well as the interior of the property. The following is what victims need to know when filing Personal Injury Claims in Everett MA for a dog attack.

Report the Attack Through a Doctor

As the exact moment the victim acquires medical treatment, the doctor must acquire information about the attack. This information is submitted to the animal control officer of the county where the attack occurred. The animal control officer must take immediate action when they are notified.

What Does the Animal Control Officer Do?

The animal control officer must investigate the attack. They visit the property of the dog owner. They must notify the owner of the attack. If they cannot reach the owner immediately, they will submit a notification and directions for quarantine. The first requirement of the owner is to provide evidence of vaccinations. Next, a quarantine is required.

Why are Quarantines Necessary?

Quarantines are conducted by a licensed vet. The dog must be surrendered to the vet for a period of at least twelve days. The assessment determines if the dog shows any signs of rabies. Any excessively aggressive behavior patterns are also reported to the animal control officer. This officer reviews the vet’s report and makes a final decision about the dog.

How Does a Strict Liability Apply?

A strict liability is applied when the dog was involved in previous attacks. This is a clear indication the dog is a danger to others. The owner is held at a strict liability and must pay an award for pain and suffering in addition to the settlement required by the court.

In Massachusetts, pet owners must lower the risk of a dog attack by following local laws. They must place their dog inside an enclosure while they are outside. This lowers the risk of attacks around the property’s exterior. Victims of these attacks can file Personal Injury Claims in Everett MA by contacting Law Offices of Burton J. Hass.

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