Filing a Real Estate Construction Claim

Disputes can arise from a number of things, including some very minor issues such as a barking dog, loud music, or a tree that is dropping its leaves into a neighboring yard. But when it comes to construction, a building owner wants to know his investment is being built to specifications and meeting all safety codes and keep their tenants and employees inside the building safe. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some construction companies may cut corners to save on their own overhead costs which can result in safety issues or early degradation of the building over a short time. As a property owner, you do have options available when filing a claim against a construction company in order to recoup some of the money lost during the process.

What Construction Issues can Result in a Claim?

Any part of the land preparation and building process can be subject to a claim. The most common are expansive soils or improperly packed earth, as well as general structural integrity. Concrete and masonry may be second rate, foundations can be unstable, and carpentry could be unsuitable for the weight load the building will be holding. Mechanical and electrical issues are also common, as are plumbing. However, plumbing issues may eventually become more serious over time and could result in the physical illness of tenants due to hidden toxic mold in the walls and floor joints. Doors and windows may be improperly installed causing early breakdown, requiring you to spend even more money to replace them well before their warranty is up. Or, improperly hung doors could cause damage to floors or ceilings due to contact points which should not be there.

Getting Assistance with a Claim

Finding a real estate attorney in Morristown NJ area should be your first step after you have noticed construction issues. Settlements with the construction company may be quick and easy, or could be long and drawn-out, requiring numerous court dates. Depending on your claim and the company you are fighting against, a real estate attorney’s main goal is to help reimburse your lost funds due to the construction defects. Keeping photographic or video documentation of the damages can be some of the strongest proof you have, so always be sure to document what you can and bring it all to your attorney. The more information they have, the stronger your case will be in court.

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