Filing a Claim for a Disabled Adult Through a Social Security Lawyer in Oklahoma City

In Oklahoma, adults may develop disabilities due to accidents that lead to serious injuries. These injuries could produce physical or mental disabilities, which can present the adult with life-altering conditions that prevent them from holding down a job. The following are details about filing a claim for a disabled adult through a social security lawyer in Oklahoma City.

Explaining When the Condition Started

The application must present the exact starting point of the condition and the details about how the injuries were sustained. This description should detail the accident as presented to an employer, doctor, or officers after the event. The individual must also explain how the condition affects their ability to work.

A Full Volume of Medical Records

The applicant needs all medical records for the condition. The records must begin on the starting date and flow throughout to the day in which the application is submitted. They must present the exact treatment that was provided, including surgeries, physical therapy, or psychotherapy provided for the condition. They must also present details about any medications used to treat the condition and how effective this treatment was.

Submitting the Files and Application Through SSA

The attorney helps the adult submit their files and application to the Social Security Administration. They must evaluate the condition based on the eligibility requirements issued by the federal government. The condition must meet all requirements in order to qualify for disability benefits.

Starting a Lawsuit to Collect Disability Benefits

Once the claimant is denied these benefits, an attorney can help them file a lawsuit to request the beginning of social security benefits as well as Medicaid insurance. It also requests all backpay in which the claimant is entitled. If they win the lawsuit, they receive all backpay in a lump sum, and their benefits start the following month.

In Oklahoma, adults may acquire social security disability benefits if they qualify. They must present evidence that supports their claim and shows that they cannot work. Claimants who need help through a social security lawyer in Oklahoma City can contact them directly or visit for more information.

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