Fighting Assault Charges with Help from a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Grand Forks ND

Some misunderstandings take root both sides and end up growing quickly into much worse things. When a simple argument or other dispute escalates to the point that violence results, it can be difficult to pinpoint who, exactly, should be blamed.

In some cases, police investigators or prosecutors make honest mistakes and end up assigning responsibility to the wrong person. Because a conviction for any kind of violent crime can be so damaging, getting in touch with a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Grand Forks ND will always be a good idea when such problems arise.

Even a Simple Assault Charge Can Leave Long-Lasting Damage

In some fairly common situations, prosecutors try to account for the apparently mutual escalation of conflict by charging one party in a lesser fashion that might normally be merited. They will sometimes seek to convince that person that pleading guilty to a charge that has been reduced still further will be the best way to resolve the matter.

Accepting any such type of offer can easily turn out to be a mistake. A felony conviction of any kind will often leave the affected person struggling to find work and even a place to live for many years thereafter. Even when the charge has been reduced to a simple misdemeanor, accepting blame for the situation can still be extremely costly.

An Attorney Will Understand How Best to Clear a Client’s Name and Establish Innocence

Consulting with a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Grand Forks ND like one of those at the Morrow Law Firm will inevitably be more productive. While some escalating conflicts end up being difficult to unravel, an attorney will understand how to do so in ways that will make sense to prosecutors, judges, and juries.

Instead of feeling forced to accept a conviction merely because of having been involved in a situation where the other party was just as much to blame, this can leave the accused person in a much stronger position. While it can sometimes seem as if simply giving in would make the most sense when confronted with an overbearing prosecutor, this is one time where fighting back effectively will inevitably be worthwhile.


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