FGS Provides Comprehensive Promotional Fulfillment Service For Your Company

If you’re thinking about putting together a suite of premiums and promotional items as part of your marketing plan, FGS has the framework and facility you can use to make the whole process seamless, where you don’t need to think about the process but the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

Promotional fulfillment services are important to coax prospective clients and customers into coming into your world where you can start building relationships for the continued growth of your business.

We’ve got a whole suite of items you may consider as part of your promotion from apparel, electronics, computer accessories and software to books, treatment products, sports, travel and entertainment.

Getting on board with our fulfillment services allows you to do international shipping with 24/7, same-day order processing. That speeds us promotional delivery that impresses your prospects and builds on your credibility.

Any returns and backorders are managed with orders visible 24/7. This whole process is carried on the back of our eCommerce eDelivery infrastructure incorporating kitting and assembly with multi-warehouse availability and real-world support and tools.

As it is all integrated into our system, we’d be able to do daily cycle count and real-time monitoring of who among your prospects have requested for your promotional items and getting future communications readied for them.

FGS promotional fulfillment services are comprehensive, covering both physical inventory and informational giveaways with a whole marketing system running in the background.

Give us a call at 630-597-1817 for more information or visit us at our website.


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