Feeding Your Pet: Understanding Today’s Food Choices

There used to be a limited amount of pet food on the shelves in the past. A handful of manufacturers actually carried these canned and bagged foods. Fast forward to today’s market, and you have aisle after aisle of food choices. Which food is best for your pet? It’s time to take a good look at the selections today as you make an educated decision.

Removing the Fillers

Before you purchase any pet food, read the ingredient list. In most cases, you’ll be greeted by a long list of substances that are difficult to pronounce at best. Look for simple, ingredient lists with more protein than fillers. Grains, in particular, tend to fill most of the budget foods while they offer little to no nutrient value.

Treating Them in Style

Purchase quality treats too, such as digestible dog chews, because these small items make a difference in the pet’s diet. Some treats might help an animal’s dental hygiene or offer valuable vitamins. Use training treats sparingly so that they’re coveted by your pet. Creating an obedient animal is just as important as feeding them the right foods. Keep in mind, however, that the pet’s main calorie counts should come from their meals and not treats.

Heading for the Refrigerator

There’s a new breed of pet food on the market, which is refrigerated goods. It’s up to your personal preference and budget to use these foods with your pet. They’re advertised as preservative-free foods, but marketing jargon can be confusing. Trust in the ingredient list as you select a raw food. Some pets enjoy the natural elements in these selections.

In the end, simply pick a food that your pet enjoys. From digestible dog chews to raw meats, there are many selections to please any pet and family budget. A happy pet equates to a balanced household as everyone enjoys life as a family.


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