Features to Look for in Wireless Intercom Systems

Wireless intercom systems offer a few core benefits over their traditional counterparts. For example, they are far easier to install since wires do not have to be run between the intercom units. These units can easily be moved anytime as well. A provider of these types of intercom systems – which are ideal to use in church settings, in local television studios, and during a training exercise – can help you pick a system that best fits your need.

Wireless Intercom Systems

Some of the best wireless intercom systems on the market today allow full duplex communication among at least four users at the same time. They also come with the option of an unlimited number of belt packs that are listen-only. Look for a system with a receiver and transmitter that operate using the Federal Communications Commission license-free 902-928 megahertz range for the United States without needing a base station. Top-quality systems also allow communication through glass and walls and can transmit 500 feet line of sight.


Some features of a leading wireless intercom system today include A/B channel selection as well as a microphone gain setting. You have the option of using lightweight single- or dual-muff headsets. You may also use either a push-to-talk or an always-on mode, based on your preference. Additional features to look for to enhance your experience of using a wireless intercom system include a gang charger for multiple belt packs as well as LED indicators for low battery or out-of-range notification.

Packages and Accessories

Providers of wireless intercom systems offer various packages to suit your organization. For instance, you may opt for an intercom package that accommodates either four users or seven users. The seven-user system works by allowing full communication between two groups of four people simultaneously.

Using two channels, two groups containing four users can easily communicate with each channel while one user can switch back and forth between these two channels. Accessories include a rackmount and base station as needed. With the right wireless intercom system, communication in your organization can be clearer and more convenient than ever before.


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