Features That Business Phone Systems in Plainfield IN Should Have

Modern business phone systems in Plainfield IN are extremely different from those used just 10 years ago. As a result, it is often difficult for business owners to know what is offered regarding phone system features and abilities. Here, the top business phone features that every business, regardless of size or type, should have can be found. When utilized, these features can help to increase productivity, customer satisfaction and more.

Ability to Forward Calls to Any Device

When an email is received, it can be read from an office computer, home tablet, cell phone while on the road or virtually any other device that has Internet connectivity. A new feature for phones is FMFM. This makes it possible to do the exact same thing with phone calls. Since phone calls occur in real time, it is important to determine how FMFM works. For example, should all connected devices ring at the same time, or should it follow a sequence that is set up? These are all options offered by the FMFM phone feature.

Read Voicemails Rather than Listening to Them

If a business owner is having to spend excessive amounts of time on the phone, there is a good chance they spend just as much time listening to their voicemail messages. Newer Business Phone Systems in Plainfield IN offer a voicemail transcription service. This means that business owners don’t have to log into the system to see the message that was left. They can simply read it through their email inbox. This helps save time and help ensure customer’s questions or issues are answered in a more prompt manner.

Easily Add New Extensions as the Business Grows

Older phone systems require additional cabling and wires to be added if a business owner needs to add new lines to an existing system. However, more modern options can be expanded without having to add new hardware. This simplifies the process, making it easy for the phone system to grow as the business grows.

More information about quality phone systems can be found by taking some time to contact us. While the actual phone system selected is important, don’t forget to consider the features of the system, as well. Having a flexible system will help ensure a business has everything needed for growth and development.


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