Farmers Equipment: Tillage Tools

If you live in Lynden, Washington, you know that one of the most common pieces of farmers equipment, beside the tractor is the tillage equipment. It is often used several times a year. Currently arguments rage about how much, if at all, farmers should till the soil. While the controversy rages back and forth, with moderates insisting both systems are suitable within an overall farming system, many farmers continue to plough and till the land.

What Is Tilling?

Tilling is the use of tools to modify the soil. Tillage equipment alters the soil structure by diverse actions. These include:

* Beating
* Crushing
* Cutting
* Milling
* Rebound

Tilling is undertaken for several reasons. The most common ones are breaking up the compaction of the soil, redistributing soil residue and preparing the ground for the next crop in the rotation. The farmers equipment that accomplishes this in Lynden is classified as either primary or secondary.

Primary Tillage Equipment

Primary tillage equipment has one major purpose: to break and loosen the soil structure up to a total depth of 36 inches. The tools for this type of tillage include:

* Moldboard: Capable of breaking up different types of soil, this model turns under crops and covers crop residue

* Disk plow: Performs same functions as a moldboard but functions better in sticky soils, in hard, dry ground and peat soils. It is also best for deep ploughing

* Rotary plow: Are excellent for creating seed beds but are more costly than other types of plows

* Chisel plow: Are often a pre-plow method to loosen hard, dry soils

* Subsoil plow: This large plow slices through soil to depths of up to 36 inches

Primary tillage equipment in Lynden is often used in conjunction with secondary equipment to produce improved soil homogeneity.

Secondary Tillage Equipment

Secondary tillage is undertake to accomplish several tasks. These include:

* Improving the seedbed
* Conserving moisture
* Chopping up crop residues

The intent is to stir up the soil at relatively surface depths. It occurs usually following primary tillage practices. While some primary tillage tools may be used for secondary tillage, others are strictly for secondary tilling. These include:

* Harrows: Five specific types exist.
* Disk
* Spike-Tooth
* Spring-Tooth
* Rotary Cross-Harrow
* Soil Surgeon

Rollers (pulverizers): These crush clods while producing a continuous and stable seedbed

Sweeps: A subsurface tool cuts horizontal planes. When mounted and combined with other options it may be referred to as a field cultivator

Rod weeders: Often called a powered harrow, it pulls up weeds and any other living thing. May work in tandem with a chisel plow

Tillage Farmers Equipment

Farmers in Lynden rely on certain equipment to accomplish specific tasks. Among the most common is tillage. It can range from ploughing and seedbed preparation to weed destruction and covering soil residue. The farmers equipment required for both primary and secondary tillage, might vary, but, generally, they work together to prepare the soil for the coming season.


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