FAQs About Services That A Dentist In Eagan, MN Can Answer

In Minnesota, dental professionals provide extraordinary treatments that improve the way the smile looks and provide protection for the teeth. These services can be performed in one office visit, and the dentist presents the most beneficial options fast. A local Dentist in Eagan MN can answer common questions about these services now.

Who Should Get Dental Sealants and Why?

The sealants provide more protection for molars, and they lower the potential for cracks and breaks. The sealants are applied to the chewing surface of the molars to stop damage caused by the pressure. The patients that should acquire these sealants are children and adults who have brittle teeth.

What Does the Dentist Use to Remove Decay?

Traditionally, the dentist uses a drill to remove decay from the tooth; however, a new technique that select dentists are using is called air abrasion. This process doesn’t involve potentially painful drilling, and it can remove the decay at a faster rate.

Are Patients Limited to In-Office Whitening Treatments?

No, the dentist can provide at-home kits that will help them to maintain their white smile in between treatments, and they won’t damage the teeth. The dentist performs the in-office treatments based on the schedule they set up for the patient, and they offer pre-filled trays for whitening at home that are easy for the patients to use on their own. The at-home trays aren’t professional-grade, but they are effective.

What Services are Available for Patients With Anxiety?

The dentist can provide sedation dentistry to manage anxiety levels and make patients feel more comfortable during their visit. The patient is sedated to eliminate any stress or anxiety they may experience when visiting the dentist, and the dentist will perform all their services while the patient sleeps.

In Minnesota, dental professionals present a high volume of services that can provide patients with repairs and enhancements they need. The services can provide the patients with a whiter smile and correct damage quickly, and the dentist could perform some services in one visit. Patients who want to learn more about the services provided by a Dentist in Eagan MN can contact Dakota Dental & Implant Center.


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