FAQs About Low Back Pain In St Louis

In Missouri, patients visit chiropractors to acquire an alternative approach to pain management and wellness. A chiropractor doesn’t present treatments that can become debilitating. These clinicians provide a more natural opportunity to lower pain levels and make the body heal itself. A local chiropractor can answer frequently asked questions about treatments for Low Back Pain in St Louis.

How Can Acupuncture Help With Back Pain?

The process involves the placement of needles into pressure points throughout the body. As the needles are inserted, the body reacts by stimulating natural pain-relieving hormones, and these hormones can prevent the patient from experiencing pain. This can increase the production of the natural pain relievers overall and lower the patient’s pain levels more effectively. The holistic approach can provide long-lasting pain relief without heavy medications.

What Type of Massage Therapy is Most Beneficial?

For low back pain, chiropractors may provide deep tissue massages to stimulate natural pain relief. The process involves massage techniques that penetrate deeply into the muscles and cause the muscles to relax. The first few treatments may cause slight discomfort at first, however, once the muscles relax the pain will stop. Over time, the muscles will become conditioned to the process and the process provides better pain management.

Do Spinal Adjustments Help?

Yes, spinal adjustments are used to realign the spine and relieve pressure at the lower portion of the back. Lower back pain is often caused by pressure from nerves in the back and alignment issues. The treatment doesn’t take a long time to complete, and long-lasting pain relief is achievable.

Are Patients Put in Traction?

Yes, some patients with more severe back pain may require traction. Chiropractors often use traction to realign the spine and relieve pressure as well. The treatment uses the body weight to pull the spine back into alignment.

In Missouri, patients turn to chiropractors when more traditional medicine isn’t providing beneficial treatment. These practices are based on a more natural approach and don’t include heavy narcotics to treat pain. A patient who wants to learn more about treatments for Low Back Pain in St Louis can visit Website Domain right now.

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