FAQs About Disability Benefits In Grand Haven

In Michigan, disabled individuals who cannot work due to a physical or mental condition can file to obtain disability benefits based on their condition. However, the disabled individual must prove they cannot work in any industry including the industry they worked in previously. A local attorney can provide answers to frequently asked questions about Disability Benefits in Grand Haven.

How is the Process Started?

The claimant starts an application and files it through their regional Social Security Administration office, and the agency reviews the information provided. The application should include conclusive information about the medical condition, and the claimant must provide their medical records associated with this condition. If the application provides thorough details with evidentiary support, the claimant is more likely to gain an approval without significant delays.

What is a Request for Reconsideration?

This request is filed through the SSA, and it is essentially a request for the agency to review the application again and reconsider their determination if the original request was denied. Typically, these requests are made when the SSA sends the claimant to their doctors, and these doctors claim that the applicant doesn’t have the condition even though records show otherwise. A reconsideration isn’t the same as an appeal.

What are the Rates for Getting Disability Benefits in Michigan?

According to the most recent statistics, the applicants have a rate of 29.6% of an initial approval after filing an application, and if turned down, these applicants have a rate of 21.8% of gaining an approval after a reconsideration review. The rate for appeals is 49.4%, and the waiting period for a hearing for these cases is around 420 days.

Do All Recipients of SSI Receive Medicaid?

Yes, supplemental security income recipients will receive Medicaid insurance after they are approved. However, to maintain approval for both programs, the recipient or their parents must report their income and any changes regularly.

In Michigan, disabled individuals can acquire disability benefits by filing an application through the Social Security Administration. The benefits are paid each month to provide financial assistance for these individuals. Disabled individuals who need assistance for Disability Benefits in Grand Haven contact Bleakley Law Offices P C today.


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