FAQs About Automobile Insurance In Wichita, KS

In Kansas, all auto owners are required to comply with insurance laws. In the state, however, they face additional requirements based on the state’s classification. The following are FAQs about auto insurance in Wichita KS.

What Type of Coverage is Required in a No-Fault State?

First, the auto owners must possess liability coverage that equates to $25,000 for each person’s bodily injuries with $50,000 for the entire accident if more than one victim exists. Next, the liability policy offers $10,000 for any property damage.

Next, the owners must have personal injury protection. The policy offers $4,500 in medical payments. Next, it provides $900 for each month in which the victim is disabled. They receive $25 each day if they choose in-home health care. They acquire $4,500 if they need rehabilitation-based services. Finally, the victim’s family receives $2,000 to cover any funeral expenses.

All auto owners need uninsured motorist policies also. The policy pays $25,000 for individual bodily injuries. It pays $50,000 for any accident in which more than one person was injured.

What Option Coverage is Available in KS?

The auto owner isn’t restricted to liability coverage. It is the least amount of coverage that can acquire and remain compliant with federal and state laws. They have the opportunity to acquire higher coverage levels such as comprehensive. This is the highest coverage level achievable. If the auto owner doesn’t want the highest value, they can supplement their liability coverage with a collision policy. It provides protection for their vehicle if a collision occurs. They also have access to towing and rental care reimbursement options.

Are There Limitations for Commercial Vehicle Coverage?

Yes, if the driver was using the vehicle for any purpose that wasn’t business-related, the insurance policy won’t provide coverage. It is used for business only. The owner needs personal auto coverage to pay for accidents that happen after-hours.

In Kansas, auto owners must purchase insurance to protect against projected losses. These losses are associated with liabilities related to accidents. If the driver is at fault, they must pay for the medical and auto repair costs for the victim. Auto owners who need insurance in Wichita KS Contact Andy Woodward Insurance today.

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