Facts And Benefits Of Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are an extremely popular option for those about to replace the windows in their home. Double hung windows in Chicago are both attractive and very versatile. Double hung windows are the perfect combination of great looks and function, they suit any style home.

What is a double hung window?

Double hung windows have a bottom and top sash, both can slide up and down and both tilt in for easy cleaning. A single hung window in comparison only has the bottom sash moving up and down and tilting in. As the windows open by sliding the sash vertically and not swinging out, the windows are flat against the walls of the house. These types of windows are perfect where there is limited space available or where the windows are adjacent to a patio or deck.

Double hung windows in Chicago are a classy addition to any home, not only are they very attractive, they keep in the heat during long, cold Chicago winters. A professional team of installers can make the transition from what is currently installed to new double hung windows quickly and efficiently. These windows are great at letting in maximum light.

Fresh air, ventilation, light and curb appeal:

Any window should be selected for three basic reasons: fresh air, ventilation and plenty of light. A double hung window provides all of this and more.

Double hung windows enhance the curb appeal of any home; this in turn increases its value in the event you ever wish to sell.

Modern, double hung replacement windows are available with double glazing which keeps heat in during the winter and heat out during the summer. There is very little debate that the best material is vinyl, the material is low cost and requires little or no maintenance; vinyl will not rot, corrode and is not affected by air borne pollutants. Visit us at https://supremewindowsinc.com for more information.


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