Factors To Consider Before Buying Replacement Mercedes Wheels

Owning and driving a Mercedes is a great experience, even if you aren’t buying a new vehicle right off the lot. If you are purchasing an older Mercedes, or if you are lucky enough to buy a new model, finding the right Mercedes wheels to customize the look of the car is probably a priority.

A lot of owners mistakenly believe that Mercedes wheels are going to be a huge investment. Most are not any more expensive than wheels for a standard sedan or even a small car, providing you shop around and compare prices, brands and options.

Taking your time to really consider the options on hand is important. You don’t want to buy the first set of Mercedes wheels you see as you will find there are literally hundreds of aftermarket wheels that will fit these vehicles. They all have different styles and features worth at least looking at and comparing before making a final choice.

Size and Vehicle Match

As with any type of aftermarket rims, the Mercedes wheels you are looking at have to be the right size and fitment for your car. You can upsize these wheels or downsize them as per your preferences, but there are limits in going in either direction with size without having to complete additional modifications to the vehicle.

If you have any concerns for an upsize or downsize from the existing Mercedes wheels on the vehicle, make sure you talk to a wheel and rim expert to ensure the rims you choose will work on your car.

Staggered or Non-Staggered

When upgrading your Mercedes wheels choosing staggered rims may be a very important consideration. With slightly bigger and wider tires on the rear, you will better acceleration and better overall handling when accelerating.

The slightly larger tires also tend to make the car look a bit sportier and beefier, but without looking out of balance for the car. They also offer a wider lip on the back wheels, giving that extra little bit of dazzle.

Finish and Color

If you like a particular finish such as a matte black or a machined chrome or chrome and black look, choosing Mercedes wheels with that type of finish may be important.

Depending on the brand and wheel style you will find white, gold, bronze, blue, red, green, titanium and combinations of colors and finishes that are amazing for specific paint colors and body styles.

Just remember, don’t be tempted to buy the first Mercedes wheels you see. Spend some time online shopping top tire and wheel retailers, then compare prices and go with the best price for the wheels you want.


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