Factors That Matter When Purchasing a Spotting Scope

by | Dec 12, 2018 | Business


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Are you looking to invest in your first spotting scope? Maybe you already have one but want to upgrade to a high-quality Celestron spotting scope. No matter what your level of expertise is, there are a few things that you need to consider when deciding on the right scope. Everything from aperture diameter to field of view and focusing mechanism will determine whether you are buying the best scope for your needs.

Scope Aperture

The aperture is the objective lens diameter, which is often measured in millimeters. If you are using the scope for hunting, the typical size will be somewhere between 50 and 90mm. The aperture size effects the weight and size of the scope, but focal length and optical design are also important. The diameter of the apertures determines exactly what amount of light can enter the system, which can lead to increased clarity and detail when viewing.

Field of View

Another important factor is the field of view, which is the widest dimension of viewing when using a Celestron spotting scope. When magnification is increased, this number typically decreases, which means you can expect the dimension to be lower than it would be for a pair of binoculars. Field of view is especially crucial when it comes to nearby targets and is typically determined by the design of the eyepiece. Zoom eyepieces tend to have a more restricted view then an eyepiece that uses a fixed focal length.

Focusing Technique

There are various types of focusing techniques that can be used but three are the most common. These include knob, helical, and rack and pinion. Each is ideal for different situations and may or may not fit your needs. The helical focus involves collars around the barrel of the scope where focus adjustment occurs by turning a ring. With knob focusers, the action for focusing is the slowest but is also extremely precise. Rack and pinion focus is most commonly seen on astronomical telescopes and offers sooth and fast focusing but are more likely to become moist or dirty over time.

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