Experienced Bed Bug Exterminator from Salem, OR, Offers Useful Tips

Contrary to public opinion, bed bugs are not just a risk for dirty people although cleanliness can go a long way in both prevention of bed bugs and ridding the home from their nasty presence. The small often translucent parasites can be introduced into a home via used bedding, mattresses and furniture. An experienced bed bug exterminator from Salem, OR, offers useful and worthwhile tips.

Be Wary of Accepting Used Bedding or Furniture

Top-quality furniture is expensive to purchase. Many individuals with modest incomes try to save cash by buying used furniture at flea markets, yard sales, estate auctions or by private seller. This is one of the most common ways to introduce bed bugs to one’s home. Avoid buying used furnishings unless the seller is someone known and keeps a clean home environment.

Isolate, Wash & Use Traps for Finding Pests in Used Items

Keep furniture isolated until sure no pests lurk. Inexpensive bed bug traps can be placed under furniture cushions or between mattresses to catch any bug present. Soft surface items like clothing, furniture covers, bedding or window drapes can be washed before use according to a bed bug exterminator in Salem, OR. When traveling, pack bedbug detectors to test hotel mattresses and wash packed clothing when back home to eliminate bed bugs that hitched a ride.

When to Call for a Bed Bug Expert

Bed bugs can be hard to eliminate without professional exterminator assistance. Contact AAA Pest Exterminators, Inc. for further details.


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