Experience The Natural Healing Power Of Salt Therapy!

Sea salt, not to be confused with the more heavily refined product sold commercially that you are going to find inside the salt shaker, will retain the trace minerals that occur naturally, which can have a type of neutralising effect on the acids in a person’s body. Even though it is able to retain these minerals, the sea salt does not contain a number huge chemical content that are found in table salt all for various cosmetic purposes. While the differences sea salt and table salt have may seem somewhat insignificant, sea salt offers a number of health advantages that the refined salt items just don’t match.

Benefits for Skin Disorders

The small amount of trace minerals that are found in the sea salt can work to heal and soothe any skin, which is itching, has a rash or even has started to ooze. You can add the sea salt to your bathwater in order to reduce the discomfort and to help and speed up the healing process for any type of skin lesions that are caused by factors such as psoriasis, poison oak or sumac, poison ivy, eczema or acne. Since the salt baths can have a significant drying effect on a person’s skin, they should only be used to two or three weeks, and moisturising cream needs to be used promptly after the bath.

Sea salt is also able to be used as an exfoliate. The paste can be made by adding sea salt and glycerine together. The glycerine should be used sparingly, with only enough being included to make the sea salt stick together.

Promotes the Development of Healthy Cells

According to studies, sea salt includes a total of 92 different trace minerals, of which 24 have been proven to help provide optimal cell health. In fact, deficiencies in the body of these different trace minerals may cause a number of dire issues for a person’s body cells, which will lose their ability to control or to balance the ions. This cell damage may then result in nervous disorders, brain damage and muscle spasms. Unlike the typical table salt, sea salt makes it possible for liquids to pass through membranes in the body, such as the kidneys glomerulus and the blood vessels.

There is no question that sea salt has quite a few healing benefits. If you are interested seeing this for yourself, begin trying these types of sea salt therapy. Chances are your body and skin will thank you for this type of change.

If you want to learn more about sea salt therapy, visit the Salt City website.


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