Examining Details with a Dog Bite Attorney in Phoenix AZ

In Arizona, all pet owners are responsible for mitigating the potential risk of a dog attack by following leash laws and city ordinances. The dog owner must use a leash when the dog is outside their home and maintain control over the animal at all times. A dog bite attorney in Phoenix AZ helps victims file a claim when dog owners fail to prevent these events.

Reporting the Dog Attack

The victim or a representative of the victim files a report with the county animal control officer after the attack. The medical doctor that provides treatment for the victim’s injuries may file this report on the victim’s behalf. Once filed, the animal control officer must investigate the attack and notify the dog owner.

Vaccinations and Quarantines

All dog owners are required to acquire rabies vaccinations for their dogs each year to prevent contraction of the rabies virus. Failure to do so will lead to fines and a quarantine for the animal. The quarantine period lasts up to twelve days, and the dog owner must surrender the animal to a licensed vet.

Strict Liabilities Against the Owner

A strict liability applies when the dog has been involved in any previous attacks against a human. The animal control officer identifies any previous attacks during their investigation of the current attack. A strict liability requires the dog owner to pay all medical expenses for the victim and provide a tort-based award for pain and suffering.

The Potential Outcome of the Case

The animal control officer determines what happens to the dog after the quarantine period. If the dog has rabies or is deemed a risk to the public, it will be euthanized. The outcome of the legal claim depends on proving the liability of the dog owner and showing that the victim had a legal right to be at the property.

In Arizona, all pet owners must follow city ordinances and leash laws to prevent possible dog attacks. If the pet owner doesn’t maintain control over the animal, they are liable for any injuries that are sustained by a victim. Victims of these events who need assistance should contact a dog bite attorney in Phoenix AZ and schedule an appointment today.


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