Evaluations of Laser Vision in Correction for Colorado Springs, CO Residents

Not everyone is an ideal candidate for Laser Vision in Correction Colorado Springs CO. There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration, so an evaluation has to be done by trained eye care technicians. The best age range for the surgery, for example, is twenty-one to forty-five, although it can be completed on patients of all ages. Factors include the stability of refraction, the shape and thickness of the cornea, and the anatomy of the eye. If vision changes drastically from year to year, surgery may not be successful. If too much tissue has to be removed, it may not be a safe alternative to glasses.

Medications and health issues can also interfere with the success of Laser Vision in Correction Colorado Springs CO area. Some conditions and medications affect healing, so that may exclude someone from being a candidate. Excessively dry eyes can also be a barrier to surgery. Evaluations provide information that can be discussed between the surgeon and the patient to determine if the correction procedure will have the desired results. Another factor is the patient’s commitment to follow-up care and their expectations of results. Sometimes, surgery will not result in perfect 20/20 vision. If that is acceptable to a patient, and it’s worth not having to wear glasses, then surgery will be considered successful even with less-than-perfect vision. Evaluations, as well as pre-operative and post-operative care, are usually completed by a facility in coordination with a laser trained and certified surgeon.

For those who are not candidates for Laser Vision Correction, there are many new innovations and options for prescription glasses and contact lenses. Computer glasses, for example, are available to treat computer vision syndrome (CVS) that is the result of hours in front of a screen. A test can be completed, and special lenses can be ordered to protect eyes, reduce glare, and improve clarity. High-definition (HD) lenses are the latest innovation in lenses that provide sharper, vivid, and clearer vision. They can also be customized to provide safe driving at night by reducing glare, starbursts, halos, and other nighttime light distortions. Whether patients decide on surgery or glasses, it is important to continue to have routine eye exams once a year for sustained eye health.

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