Essential Maintenance Tips For Your Boat Dock

One of the biggest joys of owning waterfront property is the amazing and free access to the water. But docks, like any other part of your property, require maintenance from time to time. You don’t, however, have to immediately resort to the help of a professional to keep your dock well-maintained and safe for use. Unless a storm or accident requires a wholesale replacement or rebuilding of your dock, following these maintenance tips will keep your dock in great shape.

Check Your Decking
Make sure you’re using heat-treated wood if you do insist on a wooden decking, and choose an environmentally sustainable type of wood. Another option is to replace your decking during boat dock maintenance with something more ergonomic, like a polymer-based deck surfaces through Ergo Dock.

Remember to Seal Wood
If your decking is made of lumber, seal it regularly. A marine sealant keeps water from seeping into the wood and causing rot and black algae stains, which will quickly turn your dock into a financial sinkhole.

Keep Your Metal Safe
Docks typically come with a number of metallic parts to them. Some docks utilize chains, while others use steel piping or piling to attach themselves to the bottom of a lake or stone plate. Screws are also a weak point to consider.

As per, apply metal lubricants, and replace rusting portions of your dock either by calling in a welding professional for your pilings, or by replacing screws and chains yourself.

Replace Your Barrels
Barrels may remain buoyant for a long time, but water does eventually seep into them. As per Made Man, use the same barrels throughout your project to avoid inconsistencies. You can remove whatever ballast you may have added after first building your dock, or you can replace your barrels once you notice that your dock is lowering itself into the water.

There are other little pieces of maintenance advice, but these make up the simplest tips to keeping your dock in shape.


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