Essential Information About a Roofing Company in Hanover, MD

The roof is an essential part of any building structure. It not only protects building from harsh climatic conditions, but also enhances the beauty of the home if it is properly done. If you are planning to replace your old roofing, it is important you make sure it is installed correctly. The best way you can ensure that your new roof is installed properly is by hiring a well-established roofing company in Hanover, MD. An established roofing company has a team of highly trained roofers who are equipped with advanced roofing tools. The following are some of the major types of roofing materials in the market today.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are a good option if you plan to live in your home for a long period of time. They are manufactured from aluminum, steel or copper. Metal roofs are advantageous since they are easy to install and maintain.

Slate Roofs

Slate roofs are highly preferred by many homeowners because they have a sophisticated appearance and are highly durable. In addition, slate roofs do not succumb due to wind damage, and are cheap to install and maintain. To ensure that your slate roofing is installed properly, it is advisable that you only a hire a certified slate roofer.

Concrete Roofs

Concrete roofs are highly preferred because they are highly durable and can withstand strong winds. This type of roofing has a high heat retention rate, making it a good energy saving solution. Concrete roofs are easy to install, repair and maintain.

Asphalt roofs

Asphalt roofs are common in many homes. They are made of heavy paper soaked in tar and finished with granulated ceramic. Granulated ceramic helps to improve the durable and semi-reflective features of the roof.

These are just some of the major types of roofing materials. Other common types of roofing materials are clay roofs, stone-coated roofs, and wood shake roofs among others. To select the right roofing materials, it is essential you consult a qualified roofer from the best roofing company in Hanover, MD. For additional information about the various types of roofs and the services offered by an established roofing company, please visit the website.


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