ESP Painting Provides Both Residential As Well As Commercial Painting!

Interior design extends beyond your home. Perhaps you’ve recently noticed a waiting room or other commercial space which has made creative use of their interior to provide a warm and comfortable environment for their employees and patrons. Or maybe a large retail outlet near you has been performing improvements and renovations. If you’re a business owner envying the expertise of residential painting services or if you’re a homeowner who desires the talent and professionalism of commercial painting services, you’re in luck!

Flexible Painting Contractors

Painting contractors at companies like ESP Painting have the flexibility to perform both residential and commercial painting, so anyone and everyone can utilize their services to better their interiors.

If you own a home or office building in Portland, OR, painting contractors can be a huge a help! No matter where your walls are, there are companies ready to change the color to something more dynamic or spruce up your existing decor.

Painting Is Power

Consider changing your wall’s colors, particularly if you are hoping to modify the feeling of your home or if you are an entrepreneur working in a home office (or if your office building needs a bit of brighter inspiration). Forbes says that a fresh coat of paint is one of the most effective changes you can implement in a workspace. For example, simply changing the type of paint used can make a difference—glossy paints can evoke higher energy. More importantly, ensure that you are working and living in a safe space by choosing a type of paint that won’t be bad for your health.

Color Matters, Too

ESP Painting describes in detail how some different paint colors can affect the tone and attitude of employees or individuals within a workspace. The same concepts can be applied to a residential area, too! For example, white walls can evoke a crisp, refreshing feeling that makes you ready to work. A deeper blue can result in elegance or an added effect of drama when utilized as an accent color.

Thanks to the painting contractors near you, the possibilities are endless!

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