Enjoy Plenty of Heated Water Using a Quality Water Heater Service in Van Nuys CA

Living in the Van Nuys area often means sticking with a strict budget. This implies that there is little money available to replace a broken water heater. To circumvent this possibility, the home-owner can invest is Water Heater Service in Van Nuys CA. This is essentially a maintenance service to ensure the system is functioning properly or repairs for those times when it fails. Failure can vary from small leaks to a non functional heating system. In between there are other concerns such as a failing pressure relief valve or an emergency power shut-off system. The latter is useful with electric models because they might develop a short across the heating element that allows the water heater to continue heating under low power.

Another reason to consider Water Heater Service in Van Nuys CA is when the tank begins to leak. A leaking tank can be caused by corrosion or damage to the fittings. Leaks can also occur in gas based systems that transfer heat to the water through the tank itself. This method of heating causes the metal of the tank to slowly corrode as repeated heating breaks it down. Plus, scale on the inside of the tank can cause mineral deposits that increase the damage. Replacing the tank is usually the best option because new tanks can be purchased with a liner. The most common types of liners are glass or cement. Both provide great coverage over the tank, but cement tends to offer better coverage around the fittings. This tends to make cement the preferred lining for most water heaters.

When the water heater fails, the actual repairs may be easier than the home-owner thinks. Of course, this depends on the type of water heater. For example, the electric model may simply need the elements replaced. Heating elements can short or break which usually causes them to fail completely. In certain cases, the element may fail, but portions of the exploded element may short across each other and allow the device to keep functioning. This simple short may stop the system working or it could cause it to never shut off completely. If this happens, there is a safety switch designed to shut the system down completely. To learn more about water heaters and their repairs visit the website at airproductsinc.com or their Facebook page.


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