Enjoy a Reliable Hot Water Supply With Water Heater Repair in Kent WA

The water heater is one of the most heavily used appliances in the home, yet most people do not give it much thought. This is a shame because reliable maintenance can reduce the need for water heater repair in Kent WA. For example, flushing the tank annually can avoid possible issues such as boiling at the base of the tank or the nasty sulfuric odor that comes from a buildup of scale. Scale typically comes from the minerals in a hard water supply, but it can also develop in electric water heaters as the heating element slowly degrades. Flushing the tank removes this scale and increases the service life of the appliance.

There are two types of tank-based water heaters. The first is an electric unit that is common in many newer homes. The second is a gas burning model. Both types are efficient at heating water and new models are effective at storing the hot water for longer periods. The electric model uses a set of anodes and thermostats for creating heat and this works well in most circumstances. However, the anodes are designed to break down slowly so that any iron in them does not foul the water. Once they degrade to a certain point, the anode will need to be replaced. It is possible for the property owner to handle this job, but it usually requires a professional touch to avoid damage to the appliance. Each electrode must be wired to a matching thermostat and they tend to be connected in sequence. Improper wiring could result in short circuits.

Gas burning models can also need water heater repair in Kent WA, but the cause of their faults can vary. One common failure in a gas burning unit is the ignition system. Older models and some budget versions use a pilot light while most new units use a Piezoelectric ignition. Pilot lights rely on a thermocouple device to ensure the flame is hot enough to ignite the gas. If the thermocouple fails or the flame never gets hot enough, then the appliance will not heat water. Letting an expert test the system and make proper repairs is the only safe way of fixing it.


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