Enjoy a Consistent Supply of Heated Water Using Superior Water Heaters in Memphis

There are few plumbing problems that make as much mess as a leaking water heater. Of course, by this time the tank has probably corroded at the base and allowed water to flood the home. If this little appliance is located inside the building, then the damage could be excessive. Once the appliance has reached this point, the only option is replacement Water Heaters Memphis.

The real questions concerning replacement water heaters are which type and how large? The two available types are gas burning and electrical resistance. As for capacity, this often depends on the size of the household and how often the plumbing is used. A family of four can consume a lot of hot water during the evening hours. On the other hand, it doesn’t help much to get too large of a tank since the remainder of the time, the hot water may not get much use. Common sizes for residential, tank based Water Heaters In Memphis are twenty, thirty, forty and eighty gallons.

The electric unit tends to be the easiest to install providing the wiring is in place. Electric systems use a high voltage supply and will require their own circuit for the best protection. The typical unit will have a dual set of thermostat and heating element, and the most common failure is a broken element or a short in one of them. An experienced plumber like those at Drain Go Plumbing can often replace a damaged element in about twenty minutes. Plus, these components are now universal which makes the repair much easier.

Gas burning water heaters tend to be much more complicated because they must regulate the fuel that gets burned. This will require a variety of components that must work in a precise combination or the system may fail. For example, if the pilot light or other ignition system doesn’t spark the fuel, there is some chance it could build up and cause an explosion. Modern appliances reduce the chance of catastrophic failures such as these, but volatile fuels make any situation dangerous. One other area of failure with a tank based system is the pressure relief valve. If this small safety device were to fail, then the tank could explode from the excess pressure. Click here to visit website and learn more about water heater systems and repair.

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