Employ Freight Brokers; Don’t Start Your Own Business

by | Oct 28, 2016 | Search Engine Marketing


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When you manufacture goods in size from refrigerators to fridge magnets and consider the transport options to have them shipped to their destination, so customers can purchase, have you considered setting up your own trucking company or is it simply easier and more cost-effective to work with truck load brokers?

What Brokers Can Do for You?

Essentially, your truck load brokers will be matching a range of shippers and transportation services to deliver your goods and those of other companies, to their destination.

That might sound easy enough if you are only moving one full truckload of goods to one destination, but where your load requires splitting and sending to several hundred locations cross-country, it may be wise to leave the organization and delivery of your goods to professional truck load brokers.

What Deliveries Do You Receive?

Almost everything in your warehouse and office has arrived by truck, from somewhere. That is the same for most goods moving across the US. Your broker is a skilled professional who understands the trucking industry. They bring your business together with trucking companies who will eventually deliver your goods.

Truck load brokers are not the shippers, as a business and they do not own the trucks that deliver the goods around the US. They organize, through the most sophisticated software, to arrange a collection of goods from a variety of their customers so they can be shipped efficiently and effectively to thousands of delivery points cross-country. When your brokers are successful, then the original customer, the truckers and the receivers of the goods, form a great relationship. Where any part of the relationship falls, it is the broker who need to deal with the problem, instantly.

The best brokers in the industry have worked within the trucking business and understand how transportation works and to make the best of part loads as well as full loads.

Some brokers choose to work within a niche market. In this manner, they are collecting similar goods which can be delivered together to their destination. It could be that the brokers choose to work within a geographical area, with the expectation that they will understand the area better than any of their competitors. When they know every trucking company personally, it is easier to form a positive relationship and ask for favors at a moment’s notice. That advantage then belongs equally to the manufacturer and the truckers.

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