Eliminate Electrical Hazards With Expert Mobile Home Electric Services

A mobile home is a great way to become a homeowner, but some care is required when selecting one. Unfortunately, not all mobile homes are built the same, and a few of the older models have issues such as substandard components. In fact, some models used aluminum wiring in the electrical system, and this could be a potential source of overheated wires and fires. Superior Mobile Home Electric Services can help by testing each circuit for signs of excessive resistance, continuity, or other concerns. This lets the owner know if any circuits are having problems and whether they need replacement or additional circuits to spread out the load.

A big concern when living in a mobile home is overloading the outlets. Too much power drain through the wires results in heat buildup and compromised components. One indication of this problem is frequently tripping circuit breakers. It may be possible to spread out the load, but most mobile homes have shared circuits. Plus, the use of extension cords can result in other possible hazards. The solution is to have an expert in Mobile Home Electric Services install additional circuits for each area that needs extra power. For instance, a living room that has a television, computer, or gaming system may need extra outlets to service the electronics.

Another issue that often happens when living in a mobile home is surging. Power surges are often an unavoidable problem, but they can be fairly noticeable in mobile homes. For example, when an appliance such as the refrigerator or AC switches on, it often makes the lights flicker. This sudden change in power flow could harm those expensive electronics. An electrician can check the appliances and wiring to determine which lines need protection.

One area of any home that needs frequent testing and occasional repair is the GFIC (ground-fault interrupt circuit) outlets. These electrical devices are designed to trip if a short circuit develops, and they are required by most electrical codes for any room that has running water and power outlets. GFIC receptacles can fail, so they need to be tested regularly. Replacing a damaged GFIC is necessary to keep the protection available and reduce the chance of electrical shock. Learn more about mobile home electric repairs from the experts at Bode’s Electric & Plumbing Inc. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.


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