Effective Strategies for Basement Waterproofing in Frederick

Poor drainage around the foundation of a home is the most common cause of a leaky basement. Basement Waterproofing in Frederick begins with the homeowner or their contractor examining the landscaping around the home. It should slope away from the home with at least a 1 percent slope. Gutters and downspouts are the next source of water that can create water problems in the basement. The bottom of a downspout should deposit water at least 15 inches away from the foundation. If water is consistently deposited near the foundation the heavy and waterlogged soil can push against the foundation and cause it to crack.

If the landscaping and gutter system has been installed properly and there are still wet landscape areas near the home, then a French Drain should be installed. A perforated pipe with holes in it collects water in a damp spot and carries it to drier land. While simple in concept, it can be backbreaking work to dig a French Drain. The person also has to comply with all local laws, ensure there are no utilities in the excavation area. It is also illegal in most communities to dump the drainage on a neighbor’s property. Even if it’s legal, it could lead to a costly civil lawsuit. For these reasons, it’s a good idea to let a professional install a French Drain.

Correcting landscape conditions can fix a leaky basement if the issue has been caught at an early stage. If large cracks in the basement have already occurred then Basement Waterproofing in Frederick will have to include actual repair work on the foundation or basement walls. A professional contractor will inspect the basement and foundation and recommend which techniques will work best. These could include filling wall and floor cracks, installing sub-floor drains, adding drains at the perimeter of the foundation and installing a sump pump.

If the basement has been damp for more than a few days, mold and mildew could also be a problem. The contractor will also recommend mold removal and remediation before any work is done. That ensures that the homeowner will have both a healthy and dry basement.


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