Effective and Safe Diabetic Foot Care

People with diabetes have special podiatric needs due to ancillary conditions such as edema. Nerve damage and poor circulation can also lead to painful foot problems, which, if left untreated, can become irreversible. Diabetes also tends to be linked with sluggish immune systems and therefore difficulty healing problems, which is why it is critical to treat problems when you first notice them. If you are diabetic and have experienced foot ulcers, tingling, or numbness, call your doctor now and request to see a podiatrist in your area.

If you live in New Jersey, Kaplan Podiatry offers specialized, individualized treatment plans and services for patients with diabetes. With a focus on prevention, Kaplan Podiatry can help patients diagnosed with diabetes to recognize problems early, when the first symptoms arise, and offer the least invasive treatment immediately. Simple interventions like changing the shoes you typically wear can go a long way towards preventing future problems. Effective and safe diabetic foot care can help people with diabetes prevent further pain and discomfort.

Foot care for people with diabetes is especially important because of the way the condition impacts blood circulation and the conditions of the nerves in your extremities. Your feet already take a lot of damage, keeping your entire body upright during the day. When you have diabetes, the impeded circulation and potential nervous system damage can wreak havoc on your feet and cause a range of long-term problems if your feet are not cared for properly. Inspect your feet, and if you are diabetic, care for your feet properly. Diabetic foot care is mainly preventative in nature, but can also be ameliorative, which is why you can call Kaplan Podiatry in New Jersey if you have any questions about your feet.


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