Easy Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Cruise Down the Nile

Going on a cruise down the river Nile is on the top ten list of things to do for any traveler who wants to play tourist in Egypt. Before you go on your first Egypt Nile cruise, though, here are easy tips to enjoy more vacation fun.

Go during the winter

It’s super-hot during the summer months. If the heat turns you into a monster, then be sure to book your trip sometime during November to February. Bring along breathable and light fabrics for your clothes.

Pick a travel agency

If you’re not an organized soul or you have a busy schedule that you don’t have time to put together an itinerary or check out the local sights, then booking an Egypt Nile cruise tour for you and your family is the perfect solution. You won’t have to stress yourself out with the details, the New York Times says. From the minute you land to the moment you get home from those tours, you’ll have your day planned and mapped out for you. Enjoy that convenience when you find the right travel agency.

Consult with your tour guide

Study the itinerary plan from your tour operator. If you’re traveling with a large group, the agency may accommodate a few of your requests. Ask if it’s possible to swing by a few of the other local sights that may not be covered on their list. Discussing possible options with your tour operators can help you and your friends cover more ground, see more sights, and make the most of your holidays in the land of the Sphinx.

Enjoy it

Listen as your tour guide tells you intriguing bits of history about every ruin, temple or tourist sight you go to. Walk under the sun and close your eyes against the breeze. Enjoy every minute of your trip.


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