Dual Diagnosis Treatment

by | May 4, 2017 | Health and Fitness


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The term “dual diagnosis” is used to categorize an individual that suffers both a mental illness and a substance abuse problem at the same time. The term is used to describe anything from mild depression as a result of going on a binge to someone suffering a severe mental problem when abusing drugs. The two problems rarely develop at the same time, either substance abuse of mental illness will develop first, followed by the other. Dual diagnosis treatment in Minneapolis invariably relies on integrated intervention to tackle the problem.

Is dual diagnosis common?

It is thought that as many as half of the people that are living with mental illness also are substance abusers. The same percentage also applies to those that abuse alcohol, about half also have mental health issues.
The symptoms of a mental health problem vary considerably, extreme mood swings, constant confusion and problems maintaining concentration as well as thoughts of suicide are often present.

Treating dual diagnosis:

Dual diagnosis treatment in Minneapolis tends to treat both the mental disorder and the substance abuse problem at the same time. Because there are so many factors that lie behind the problems, there is no one approach to treatment.

Detox: The first step for those with dual diagnosis is detoxification. Inpatient detox is more effective than outpatient, the environment is consistent and there are no outside influences that can set back the program.

Inpatient rehab: Anyone placed in an inpatient program will receive full time mental health and medical care. Inpatient rehab provides extensive therapy, support systems and health services. The sole goal is to treat the addiction and causes.

Medication: Medications can play an important role in recovery, certain medications also help those that are battling the effects of substance abuse.

Psychotherapy is an important component of dual diagnosis treatment in Minneapolis. Educating the individual on how their behavior and beliefs have a direct relationship on their actions helps them overcome the symptoms of both mental and substance abuse problems.

People that have a mental health problem as well as a substance abuse problem often require dual diagnosis treatment in Minneapolis. To discuss these problems and treatment in detail you are invited to contact River Ridge.

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