Drift Away with the Fantasia E-Hookah

Ah, the hookah. What else can conjure images of old fashioned smoking rooms, mysterious eastern settings and the ultimate in alternative relaxation? Of course, these days, people are far more conscious of the health risks of using a traditional hookah, and are beginning to look for alternatives. If you love the use and look of a hookah, consider a Fantasia e-hookah from

is a family owned and operated company that provides enthusiasts with a wide range of smoking products, from cigars and pipe tobacco to roll your own tools and fabulous accessories. Our mission is to connect you with the products and brands you love in a timely and accurate manner, while also offering competitive prices and unparalleled customer service. You’re not going to find a Fantasia e-hookah from a better smoke shop.

Why an E-Hookah?

Using an e-hookah is a way to cut back on the smells, chemicals and dangers of a traditional hookah. Just because society has changed its tune on what’s appropriate these days, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up a hobby you love. The Fantasia e-hookah is just one of many brands available from BnB Tobacco, and it can make improvements on not only your health but your wallet. Feel free to get in touch with our customer service line with any questions or concerns you may have.

Fantasia Will Make Your Mouth Water

Fantasia e-hookahs are very popular and highly trusted. Without any nicotine or tobacco, they give more than 800 puffs in each pack, and are significantly safer than traditional hookahs, and even many other e-hookahs. The metal tip on these devices make it feel like you’re using the real thing, and flavors like Fuzzy Navel, Ice Mint, Purple Haze, Dirty Blonde, 4 Play, Surfer, Washington Apple and many others will make your mouth water for more.

More from B

Beyond the Fantasia e-hookah,  offers more conventional products like cigars, pipes and pipe tobacco, roll your own tools, ashtrays, lighters, papers, cigar cutters and traditional hookahs. Whatever your preference as a smoker or enthusiast, you’re sure to find it here on our site.

When it’s time to order, simply tell us what you want through the online ordering process. Track your order through the site as well, and be sure to ask about special deals on discount products, shipping and delivery for military. It’ll be our pleasure to send some smokes your way!


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