Downsizing? What Not to Throw Away

If you’re an empty nester and looking for a world golf village real estate in St. Augustine or other area around the country, it can be difficult to know what to bring with you and what to leave behind. Here are some tips on what NOT to throw away:

*Photographs: These are precious memories and if you have duplicates, give them away to friends or family members so they can enjoy those memories too. If they are not organized, put them in a box for safekeeping; once you move, you’ll have something to occupy your time as you go through them and put them in scrapbooks. Another option is to digitize them.

*Landline phone: Smartphones are great, but you never know when you’re going to lose service or your battery will run out. Having a landline is a good backup plan in an emergency.

*Important papers: Keep all of your important documents in one place so you know where they are. These include medical records, birth certificates, passports, and tax information.

*Emergency supplies: Candles, flashlights, batteries, snacks, water and other basic emergency supplies are must-have items, no matter how much smaller your new home is. Have a bag or box filled with these supplies so they are easily accessible when you need them.

*Heirloom items: Things like handmade quilts from your great-grandmother are heirlooms that you don’t want to get rid of – ever. Preserve items you want to hand down to the next generation in a fireproof box or hope chest.

When you search for World Golf Village real estate in St. Augustine, don’t forget to pack your golf bag, clubs and golf balls; keep them handy so you can play at a moment’s notice! Make sure you have plenty of golf shirts hanging in your closet too! After an early morning game, home will be just a few steps away so you can enjoy coffee and breakfast on your patio. That’s the life of a retired homeowner in St. Augustine!

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