Don’t Make These Mistakes With Your St. Paul, MN Granite Countertops

In St. Paul, MN, and throughout the state, granite is a popular alternative to marble when it comes to kitchen and bathroom countertops. As a general statement, granite offers more colors and more distinctive patterns than marble, plus it tends to be easier to maintain than the classic marble stone countertops.

With just a bit of care, it is easy to maintain granite countertops in like-new condition throughout their life. Keep in mind, these are a countertop that will last as long as you own your home and for generations to come.

To help avoid common mistakes that people make with these counters, here are the most common issues to consider.

Not Sealing the Countertop

While you can leave granite without a sealer, it is porous natural stone. The application of a sealer creates a barrier that prevents stains from being absorbed into the stone. The sealer can be applied as often as needed, typically every two to five years depending on the use of the counters.

Using Abrasive Cleaners

Never use gritty types of cleaners, bleaches or other types of harsh cleaners on granite countertops. Also, avoid using scrapers or rough cleaning sponges that can remove the sealant. Instead, use natural stone cleaning products as needed and wipe with clean water and a microfiber cloth on a daily basis.

Putting Hot Pots Directly on the Surface

While granite is a stone, it is also a material that can become damaged by exposure to high heat or sustained heat. This doesn’t cause it to burn, but it can result in an increased risk of chipping and cracking.

As with any other type of countertop, simply use a trivet to keep the hot bottoms of pots and pans from making direct contact with the surface of the granite countertops.


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