Don’t Let Technical Product Knowledge (Or Lack Thereof) Be Affected By Sales Coaching

Technical product knowledge is an essential thing for salespeople to have, but it is a tricky subject. In most cases, those who are proficient with the products and know more about them may be the worst to sell them. Again, you want your salespeople to respond to queries and know what they’re talking about, but robo-sellers have so much knowledge of the item that they focus primarily on demonstrations and explanation of each feature. They may showcase a know-it-all attitude, which isn’t helpful for selling items.

How Coaches Can Help

Primarily, it’s best if your managers offer sales coaching to the salespeople. However, many managers don’t know how to do this, or the company doesn’t want this to happen. Therefore, you need to find a coach outside the business to help.

They will be able to teach your sellers how to use the features and technical product knowledge effectively without overwhelming the prospect.

For example, if you sell coffee makers, it’s incredibly easy to talk about the automatic turn-on feature that brews coffee while you wake up and get ready. It’s also easy to focus on that one point or shoot off about all the other features without letting the first point sink in.

Sales coaching for a technical product will help salespeople focus on one or two features and then sell those features to the prospect. For example, the automatic turn-on feature mentioned earlier can be used as a selling point for people always in a rush. Talk about how much it will benefit them and address any concerns that crop up.

Selling The Right Way

Selling products isn’t just about blurting out all the features, but rather, finding out what the customer wants or needs and offering those details with an explanation of how they’ll benefit them.


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