Don’t Buy A Drill Attachment Before Thinking It Through

If you have a skid steer, an excavator or a combination of different types of equipment, finding the best drill attachment shouldn’t be a rushed decision. Taking the time to think through your immediate needs for the drill as well as what you see as potential needs in the future will help you to find the best attachment for your needs.

Choosing Equipment

For example, if you currently are operating a skid steer in a landscaping or small construction company, but you are considering upgrading to an excavator, take the time to think about the different options in using the drill attachment on both pieces of equipment. The skid steer offers easy access to even small spaces, while the excavator will allow you to have greater power, drilling ability and the option to drill larger diameter holes in much shorter period of time.

A good option for many companies is to have a drill for both machines. However, if you are on a tight budget, choose the first purchase for the equipment you see using the most in the short term, giving you time to build up the budget to make the second purchase and expand your services.

The Drill Considerations

Once you have selected the equipment, the next step is to choose the configuration, features, and options on the drill attachment. Typically for skid steers, the drills will mount easily to the right or left and can be used to drill horizontally and have a full range of movement.

The options in excavator drill attachment models offer a greater customization level and are designed to fit your specific equipment. You will have the option to choose the drifter or the actual drill head that will be able to drill a variety of hole diameters.

Other options or features to consider will be the feed travel. Most are 6 feet, but there can boom mount drills that can offer increased drilling flexibility. An optional centralizer can also be included that makes it easier to change out the drifter and set it up for correct positioning of the drill without the need for manual adjustments.


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