Donating Your Car to a Truck Towing Company

Like all machines, vehicles have a specific lifespan. After a certain amount of time, you will need to get specific parts replaced and repaired, such as the engine valves, pistons, and other electrical and mechanical components installed inside. However, maintenance of older vehicles is quite a big issue, and in most cases, can cost a good deal of money. If you have an older car that you aren’t using at all, you should seriously consider donating it. Donating your car to a truck towing company is a very good idea since the money is generally used for a good cause, such as helping foster children.

Companies such as we are registered with the government, and when you donate a car, they will give you a receipt, allowing you to get a tax write-off for the donation. The donation process is also quite simple, and the company has made it tremendously easy for people to give away their old cars.

How to Donate

You can call the truck towing company and let them know the condition of the vehicle. They offer a pick-up service throughout the island of Oahu. If the car is just sitting around and can’t even be driven, such a factor is not a problem. The company will accept the vehicle even if the papers are not up to date.

Pick Up

There are no lengthy forms to fill out or a complicated process that you have to worry about. Once you place the call, the company will arrange for the pick up at a time and date that’s most convenient to you. The company will then send over a towing truck to your place to inspect the vehicle and tow it away to their garage for salvaging. You can also like them on Facebook for more latest updates.


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