Do You Need Your Customers to See How Your Operable Walls Move?

Many building managers, perhaps not closely acquainted with the use of operable walls in Minnesota, often worry about how these movable walls can be installed and moved at a moment’s notice, without your customers seeing the mechanics of these walls. This can be solved.

How to Hide the Tracking

During the process of design, manufacture, and installation, operable walls in Minnesota can be created to ensure that all the tracking and other systems, which make it easy for the walls to move, can be kept out of sight.

For example, should you operate a large banqueting room that is going to be the location for a small wedding reception, you can use operable walls in Minnesota to effectively close off half of the room so that the smaller number of guests do not appear lost in a large room.

All the guests will see is a solid partition wall, and they may not even be aware that it can be moved.

The tracking that makes the movement of these walls so easy does not always need to be on the floor. An alternative option is to hang the walls from the ceiling.

Only on closer observation will you find that these movable walls have a high-quality sound insulation that closes off one room from another. This helps your planning to keep one room quiet from another.

Where you are going to be dividing office space, the movable walls will help keep one office area quiet, while the others work on the other side. With simple and straightforward training, your maintenance crew will be able to move the walls in a short time, providing you with a large space, perhaps to efficiently manage employee meetings, which could not be held within the smaller spaces.

In accordance with your specific requirements, the walls can be made in relatively small sizes so that they can be conveniently moved easily. They can be constructed in a variety of finishes to match the other areas of your room from both sides. Your choices are only limited by your imagination.


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