Do You Need Cheap Car Insurance in Monterey?

If you need car insurance in California or the Monterey area but cannot spend a great deal of money, you will need to review the minimum coverage offered by insurance plans. In California, your minimum coverage for bodily injury liability insurance falls at $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident. Review plans online to see what policy will provide you with the best coverage for your money.

Making Comparisons Online

Obtaining cheap car insurance in Monterey is easier when you go online and make comparisons. Another way to find the right insurance is to review a policy’s discounts. Some insurance providers offer more discounts than others. Therefore, see if you can save in this way. For example, you can obtain a discount for being a good driver or a good student.

Receiving a Good Student Discount

If you are a student in California, obtaining cheap car insurance is easier when you make good grades. To receive a discount, you typically must have been driving for at least eight years and be currently enrolled full-time in a study program at home, through a high school, or at a college or university.

Request a Quote If You Make at Least a B Average

To obtain discounted cheap car insurance as a student, you also need to maintain at least a B grade average or the equivalent. To learn more about this type of savings, simply go online and request a quote from a preferred insurer. Make sure that you obtain quotes from at least companies to ensure that you are receiving a fair insurance price.

Who to Contact About Your Discount in Monterrey

Would you like to find out more about discounts now? If so, contact a California insurance provider such as Coast Auto Insurance. Review the insurance online and then contact the business to have any inquiries or other concerns addressed. Make that call today.


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