Do You Need an SR-22 Insurance Addendum?

Wondering what an SR22 insurance form is and if you require one? Consult this quick guide for everything you need to know right now:

What is an SR-22 and Do You Need One?

An SR22 insurance policy is not a policy at all, but an addendum or form that accompanies your existing policy to verify that you meet your state’s legal minimum requirements for insurance coverage. These forms are usually required after a traffic accident or violation, or when drivers have dealt with a previously-suspended license or another issue.

Typically, if you need an SR-22 insurance addendum, you will be formally informed of the requirement. If you’re not sure, contact your insurance agent and inquire. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

How to Get Your SR-22 Insurance Addendum

Getting SR-22 insurance isn’t much more difficult than obtaining regular car insurance. Since an SR22 insurance addendum is typically temporary, it can usually be tacked onto an existing policy or purchased along with a new one.

Madison, WI insurance provider Action Insurance Agency specializes in all types of high-risk auto insurance. This includes everything from high-risk motorcycle insurance to SR22 insurance. If you need to add an SR-22 form to your insurance policy, you can contact providers like Action Insurance Agency to get a quote for a policy complete with this addendum, or simply inquire with your current provider about the additional cost and steps necessary for acquiring one.

A Temporary Expense

It’s important to remember that while you will incur additional costs with an SR-22 – especially if you need one because of a traffic violation or accident for which you were at fault – the fees associated with the forms as temporary. So, too are the requirements for possessing the form in the first place. You usually only need to have one in effect for three years. Again, check with your insurance agent for specific details relevant to your state laws. No matter what, no that this experience is one that won’t follow you forever – and isn’t nearly as bad as it probably first seemed!

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