Do You Need a Divorce Attorney in Thiensville, WI?

Divorce is a process that should be taken care of by a divorce attorney. If you and your spouse do not have minor children or children who are financially dependent on you, then the filing is different than what it is when you have minor children. These kinds of distinctions mean that you have different processes to follow when filing for divorce.

Make Sure You Are Well-Prepared When Filing for Divorce: Hire an Attorney

Fortunately, you can obtain further information about the divorce process when you visit such sites as Domain. By taking this approach, you can better prepare for a settlement as well as take advantage of mediation services if needed. You should not file the paperwork yourself as you want to make sure you receive what you deserve in a settlement.

Ask Your Attorney About the Divorce Process

That is why a divorce attorney in Thiensville, WI can be your ally when ending a marriage. Use an attorney’s expertise to better understand the process. If you are the petitioner in a divorce, for example, you will need to make two copies of all the paperwork and keep the original. You can have this part of the process taken care of by the attorney’s staff. Eventually, the original paperwork will be given to the court as well as one copy to your spouse. You will retain the last copy for your records.

Serving Notice: Why it Is Important

You will also need to pay a filing fee. Your divorce attorney can further explain how to make the remittance. Once you and your attorney have prepared and filed your forms, you will immediately serve your spouse with the documents. The service of process is very important because it is a form of serving notice that gives a defendant the opportunity to appear in court or argue the case. Service of process ensures that all the parties’ rights are respected in the legal process.


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